December Pantry

Hello Everyone,

We are almost at the end of December and it is time to reflect. I know what is on my mind, a lot of hopes and prayers to get us into 2021 safe, healthy and ready to get over Covid life as we know it all too well.

First , I must thank all of you out there who have been helping in what ever way you have volunteering. The pantry is truly an all volunteer operation and we are ready for the next opening January 2nd and January 6th. The hours are going to be modified to 2 hour sessions. Based on our number of families we will accommodate everyone in the time period which is 9am to 11am. Weather is a big factor and we have instructed clients to call the pantry before venturing out if the weather is predicted to be inclement. In case you are wondering this is our phone number 570-894-2072 and we have an answering machine. If we choose closing you will hear that info first .

This month our families served number is 224 which includes 11 new registrations. The number of people served 688 = 379 ADULTS 167 CHILDREN AND 142 SENIORS. Looking back on last years number show we are very close I take this as a good sign. At this time anything can change so we continue to prepare for families to come and receive our prepacked food boxes and bags. The difference this year is the substantial help the pantries have received and the products we have been able to provide have increased.

Food donations are still not being accepted at this time but financial donations are welcome. Until we are pronounced safe our concern is for the volunteers handling food and so everything we are using is packed in the original case and then placed in our bags for distribution. Masks are worn by everyone and
gloves for all the outside food stations, next is to fill up the cars and clients are on their way.

Happy New Year and may your wishes come true for 2021. Until then stay safe, and healthy and wear your masks.