Hello Everyone,

I am trying to consolidate my time on the computer as my time is limited and my concentration in too many directions. But here goes our information for September
October and November .

Due to the September Storms we closed one of our serving days because of the heavy rain event and had a very busy next give out day. Appointments followed in a very orderly fashion and these are our numbers.


140 FAMILIES 2 new registrations ADULTS 233 + CHILDREN 84 + SENIORS 110 =427 PEOPLE SERVED

October we did a few new products and clients received cleaning and personal items as well as food. We also had candy for Halloween this year to give out.


166 Families 3 new registrations : ADULTS 238 + CHILDREN 87+ SENIORS 117 = 442 PEOPLE SERVED


November was the Thanksgiving give out and as turkeys were not available to us the Gift Card for registered families was given. Food and meat products as well.

Our special gift was a $20.00 Gift card for the clients to shop at a grocery store and buy what they want and need. Additional personal products were given.

210 Families 11 new registrations : ADULTS 341 + CHILDREN 118 + SENIORS 154 = 613 PEOPLE SERVED

As you can see we are all over the place with the statistics but those who come are served . Many thanks to our volunteers to make this food give out a success.
And the many behind the scenes packers are to be commended for their efforts to keep the food coming.

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday be safe and healthy and enjoy your family visits this season.

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