December Statistics

The year is slowly coming to a close and I will be brief. Our pantry has remained busy over these last 2 months of the year and we have served:

December: Families 182 including 6 new registrations, 512 people served = (259 adults +120 children +133 seniors).

The drive thru system will remain and no clients will be using the building to continue our safety precautions. We recommend you call the pantry 570(894-2072) to verify that we are opening as it is Winter in Tobyhanna and we must be sure it is safe for volunteers as well as the clients driving to our pantry. I am encouraging people to help each other with sharing rides to pick up food to save on gas that we all know has prices we are not used to seeing.

Thanks to a wonderful team, your hard work and determination to see the job through in what ever way you can help the pantry has kept us in the monthly operation each and every month. And I am thanking you on behalf of our clients who have appreciated your efforts.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope you will remain healthy and safe as we navigate thru another storm of Covid this coming year.

Thank you for what you do.

Lorraine Naiko
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