Dear Friends,

I have been a bit behind in getting my emails out but as we end one year and begin another it is time to reflect and thank everyone who has been at the pantry this year. We have had many temporary volunteers who have made their presence known as they have helped with the preparation of food in so many ways. Students and adults alike. Ever willings to be part of our mission and for that I am grateful. We have weathered the cold and wind at Tobyhanna and somehow managed to serve our community families every month.This is an outstanding accomplishment and well received by our families. Covid has made us respect what we do and helped us prepare for all kinds of situations.Sometimes we were down but never out. This time of year you reflect and thank our good Lord for showing us the way and more importantly sending help when necessary. Believe me this is no magic show it is work and determination that is in all of us.This is one of the best volunteer teams in Monroe county.

Our year was up and down numbers wise but the last 2 months have reminded all of us how much need there is here, and why we need to do our part helping others.

November we served

 181 Families (1NEW) 529 people = 294 ADULTS + 96 CHILDREN + 145 SENIORS
We gave meat products but the gift card given was the special give out for November.

December we served

160 Families (4NEW) 446 People = 234 ADULTS + 78 CHILDREN +134 SENIORS

We gave meat products but again the gift card was to allow the clients do do their special shopping.

The news keeps telling us how things are going but I see little change only the trip to the grocery store is a costly trip for myself and everyone out there.
And that my friends is why we are at the pantry. Statistics tell our story of those who come to the pantry. Our population ages so more seniors find us. Our families
are smaller yet there are those we serve that are extra large. We have tried to pair most all the food we give to work for the clients so as they need additional food
their other assistance can be used.

That brings me to donations I have been reluctant to accept food products we have received more canned and shelf stable food from our government and we supply the additional foods to allow them to prepare a meal a complete meal. Safety is my concern and food handling is critical.So I am requesting those of you asking what can I donate. My reply is paper goods. This is not on the list on the allowable purchases with food stamps and other program available to the families.
Hand soaps that will encourage children to wash their hands is a suggestion. Packs of toilet wrapped, single individual wrapped toilet paper and of course paper towels. With cold and flu season upon us hand wipes are a good product to keep the germs from spreading. So if we can zero in these needs we can get the families a product that they are unable to buy them selves. Any questions or suggestions please leave me a message on the pantry phone 570 894 2072.

The volunteers are still the best team in the area inside and out. We have new meaning to the postal service cry. Snow and sleet and freezing rain we deliver,
the drive thru is our way of life and of course if it too bad we will opt for cancelling and retreat to the appointment system. If nothing we are flexible to the situation and before venturing out when in doubt as to conditions our phone message is changed to an update message to avoid unnecessary travel asap. I will text but the backup plan is our phone message just in case.



Lorraine and all the staff at the pantry
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