Greetings to All:

Prayers continue to go forth that you and your family are doing well and being blessed.

This Sunday we will celebrate Communion and Native American Ministries Sunday. The communion offering will go to Native American Ministries. There are Five Reasons We Celebrate:
  1. We celebrate in commitment to racial reconciliation
  2. We believe in funding justice efforts for Native Americans
  3. When we give together, we do more than any individual can
  4. We believe in taking care of our own family
5. We want to model generosity for our communities and future generations.

Your new pastor, Catherine Morgan, has requested that each of you submit your favorite Bible story during the month of May. She plans to use them for her sermons this summer, beginning in July. Please simply respond to this email by hitting "Reply".

The statistics for the Pocono Mountain Ecumenical Hunger Ministry for the past several months are:
February - 130 families served: Adults 197, + Children 68, + Seniors 93 = 358 people served
March - 165 families served: Adults 263, + Children 107, + Seniors 124 = 494 people served
April - 136 families served: Adults 216, + Children 72, + Seniors 102 = 390 ( as of April 11th)
Thanks to all that have volunteered. Volunteers are still needed.

The church offerings for April were:
 3rd General Offering: $ 843.00 Building Fund: $ 440.00 Ukraine Donations: $ 145.00
10th General Offering: $ 756.00 Building Fund: $ 100.00
17th General Offering: $ 498.00 Building Fund: $ 220.00 Ukraine Donations: $ 20.00
24th General Offering: $ 520.00

We look forward to seeing you each Sunday. Please stay safe and help one another.
Pastor Mert
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