blue-- hope, love, truth, faithfulness, heaven
white-- purity, holiness, innocence, faith, light
purple-- royalty, repentance, remorse
black -- sin, death, evil
scarlet-- royalty, loyalty
red -- fire, love
green-- growth, victory, hope
gold-- God's abundance, marriage

Symbols and Colors used in the United Methodist Church
Colors and Seasons:
Advent-- purple or blue
Epiphany-- white (second through eighth Sunday's--green)
New Year's Eve/Day --white
Transfiguration of our Lord -- white
Ash Wednesday-- purple or black
Lent-- purple
Palm Sunday-- scarlet or purple
Maundy Thursday-- scarlet or white
Good Friday-- black
Easter--white (Easter Day-- white or gold)
Pentecost-- red
Season after Pentecost-- green
Trinity Sunday--white
Reformation Day-- red
All Saints' Day-- white
Thanksgiving Day-- white
Throughout the Christian Church's history certain symbols and colors have become associated with the major and minor festivals, special occasions, and seasons of the church year. In the western world colors also have traditional associations with themes such as:
IHS are the first three letters of the name "Jesus" in Greek. It is sometimes written IHC and may include a bar over the H to indicate an abbreviation. IHS is often used as a monogram on worship furnishings.
History of The United Methodist Cross & Flame Symbol
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