Please prayerfully consider taking two of these workshops. They will be offered on Saturday, March 5th from 9:00AM to 12:30PM. The descriptions for all of the workshops and the presenters can be found at Look for Tools for Ministry.
Once you determine which workshops you have registered, let me know so I have a listing of participants for the specific workshops.
                                      Tools for Ministry Sessions
  1. Identifying Resources for Ministry - parts one & two - must take both together

These are offered in both sessions
  1. Gifts of the Spirit
  2. Church Audits & Best Financial Practices
  3. Gospel Discipleship
  4. The Work of the Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee
  5. "Beyond Building the Brand: Powering Ministry Through Marketing"
  6. Simplified Accountable Structure ( One Board Model)
  7. An Intro to Disaster Response Training
  8. Mental Health First Aid
  9. "Calling all Lay Leaders!"
  10. Tools for Understanding the Financial Health of your Church
  11. The Ministry of Being a Local Church Trustee

Session A Only
13a. Mission Rift: Leading Your Church through Conflict - Part 1
14a. Domestic Violence - Part 1
15a. Web Design & Social Media For Churches - Part 1: Getting your church on the Web

16a. Supporting for Shrinking Congregations
17a. The Shift to Bi-vocational Ministry
18a. How to Get Cheap & Even Free Technology For Your Church
19a. Intercultural Competency
20a. Orientation to Ministry
21a. Charge Conference Forms...Those again!
22a. Our Wesleyan Heritage
23a. Deacons: Leaders Connecting the Church and the World
24a. Establishing & Re-Igniting Legacy Giving in Your Church

Session B Only
13b. Mission Rift: Leading Your Church through Conflict - Part 2
14b. Domestic Violence - Session B
15b. Web Design & Social Media For Churches - Part 2: Making your website work for your congregation
16b. Engaging in Ministry with Immigrants and Refugees - Justice For Our Neighbors of the Delaware Valley
17b. How to Financially Thrive - v- Just Survive
18b. Building your church outreach through streaming technology
19b. Small Congregation Focus: Lessons from a Pandemic
20b. Pride, Pain and Shame. Methodism's history with racism & efforts to dismantle it.
21b. Overview do General Conference
22b. Youth and Mission: Getting Youth Involved in Community Mission
23b. Officiating Funerals for the Church and the Community
24b. Safe Sanctuaries: Making Sure Your Local Church is Safe for God's Children
25b. "Mitakuye Oyasin" (We are all one family) in Action: Native American Ministries Sunday and Beyond.